Pay or Appeal a Parking Citation


Parking Citations General Information

How To Pay or Appeal a Citation

Visit the Parking Portal to pay or appeal a citation

NOTE: Visitors will need to know both their citation number and license plate number in order to proceed in the online portal payment/appeal process.  Call Parking Services at 719-255-3528 if you need this information.

Parking citations must be paid or appealed within 10 days of the date of the citation or an additional $10 late fee will be assessed to the citation.  Citations beyond 10 days old may not be appealed.

Traffic School - COMING SOON

Parking Services is creating an opportunity for customers to have a citation waived by taking a Traffic School quiz. Not all citations are eligible.

For eligible citations, an email will be sent to the customer, which will have a link to a 10 question quiz on our parking regulations. If passed, the citation will be waived and no further action is required. Otherwise, the citation is available to pay for 10 days after issuance.

Vehicle Boot Policy

Parking Services may disable your vehicle using a Vehicle Boot if your unpaid citations exceed $150. To have the Vehicle Boot removed, you must pay all unpaid citations!

UCCS Parking Regulations


Download the PDF here: parking_regs_aug_2021.pdf