Motor Pool Reservations and Information

Motor Pool

Motor Pool Reservations and Information

UCCS Motor Pool vehicle are reserved thru Easy Rent Pro.

Please note:

  • To provide time for your vehicle request to be processed, reservations need to be made four days in advance. Reservation will be processed up to two months in advance.

  • The information that must be entered to make a reservation include:

    • Your name

    • The name of the driver

    • Type of vehicle needed

    • Date(s) the vehicle is needed

    • Destination

    • Departure and return time 

    • Speed Type

  • Reservations that are cancelled within 72 hours of the reservation date may be assessed a $15 cancellation fee for each day of the reservation. This is due to the fact that no other department was able to rent the vehicle during the reservation period.

To submit an online trip ticket after returning a UCCS Motor Pool vehicle please click here

Only a limited number of Motor Pool vehicles are available. Drivers must have a valid US Driver's license, department approval, and provide a University Speed Type to operate a Motor Pool vehicle. Approved drivers on official business are provided with full insurance coverage. A completed trip ticket must be returned with the keys at the end of the reservation period or additional charges accrue. Due to safety and insurance concerns, please see the additional information below regarding restrictions and requirements for 15 passenger van use. Damage to a Motor Pool vehicle may result in your Speed Type being charged a $1,000 deductible.

Operators of University vehicles must be familiar with UCCS Administrative Policy Statement 400-007 Motor Vehicle Acquisitions Operations, particularly the information related to appropriate use and accident reporting.

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