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As a nonprofit, self-funded operation, we support the student-centered UCCS mission by providing, managing, and maintaining safe, accessible, equitable and sustainable parking and transportation options that exceeds our community's needs at the lowest possible cost.
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Create a culture of innovation and sustainability in our daily practices and strategic planning to decrease the institution's carbon footprint while increasing the efficiency and reliability of the campus parking and transportation experience.
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Parking and Transportation Advisory Board (PTAB)
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PTS Core Values

  1. Integrity

    We promote trust and accountability through our consistent, ethical, transparent, and equitable actions.

  2. Safety

    We recognize the importance of safety and reliability in the resources we manage and the services we deliver.

  3. Sustainability

    We are committed to our role in advancing solutions for a sustainable future by thinking creatively and being resourceful.

  4. Engagement

    We serve the UCCS community in a professional manner and respectful way. We interact with transparency to increase the overall campus experience.

  5. Innovation

    We are empowered to seek creative solutions and take informed risks. We strive to create a culture of continuous improvement.