Ian Guy

Ian Guy

Ian Guy

Computer Engineering
Graduated Spring 2019

Choose Your Commute | Bike

Favorite Place on Campus: Bench next to the staircase to the Engineering building. A beautiful mountain view framed by all the activity on the campus.

What factors helped you ‘Choose your Commute’?
When I started, the most important factor was money. Being able to save ~$450/yr by bicycling sounded like a good deal to me! As the semesters rolled by, the fitness benefit played a large part in my decision to keep bicycling, even if the money became unimportant (it didn't!)

What are the perks of your commute?
Overall fitness is probably the largest benefit. To this day, it remains the only exercise activity in my life I am able to regularly participate in. As a result, my health has improved significantly. Psychologically, it's been a boon to have to spend a short time each day where I'm not thinking about school or work. I spend my time bicycling clearing my head, or focusing on the actual commute instead of what I'll be doing when I get there. Of course, you can't forget the community of bicyclists that have accepted me. Even on a campus this size, I've made a few friends solely on the grounds of our preferred transportation methods. There are a lot of other small benefits as well. I get to see the sun with my bare eyes, tinker with the bicycle itself, even get out to charge my solar watch.

What barriers (if any) did you have to overcome?
Have I mentioned fitness yet? Those first two weeks I cycle-commuted, I wasn't sure if I was going to survive the University Hall hill. The equipment was a bit of a barrier as well. Early on, people taught me how to dress (get bicycle gloves of all kinds!), what kind of bicycle I needed (Wal-Mart bicycles aren't good to commute in), and how to maintain my bicycle (weekly visits to the SOLE Center) Also, the clothes for the weather. Nobody wants to be or be near someone who wore too much and is literally dripping with sweat in class.

What is one thing you’d like your fellow Mountain Lions to know about biking to/from campus?
Just give it a shot! If you can make it through the first month, you can bicycle anywhere and everywhere, anytime. And yes, that includes the snow, ice, and rain!