VIP Permits for UCCS Volunteers

VIP Permits

VIP Permits for UCCS Volunteers

VIP Parking Permits are issued to individuals performing continuous long-term (throughout the year) voluntary service for the University.  An example of such voluntary service would be a resident of the Colorado Springs community serving on an advisory board for a College or Department.  However, such an individual must be free of the following restrictions prior to being issued a VIP permit:

RESTRICTIONS:  Individuals who may NEVER be issued VIP permits include, but are not limited to:

1. Individuals enrolled as a student at UCCS, regardless of credit hour load.
2. Individual faculty members at UCCS, including those faculty members on sabbatical.
3. Individuals who are honoraria faculty and/or part-time instructors at UCCS.
4. Individuals who are contract employees, university staff or classified staff at UCCS.  Any individual who is receiving payment, regardless of amount, for performing a service at UCCS.
5. Individuals who are administrators at UCCS.
6. Individuals who are vendors doing business at UCCS.
7. Individuals whose presence at UCCS is personally beneficial in terms of fiduciary, intellectual, or other personal gain.  


1. Five VIP permits will be provided by Parking Services, to each department free of charge per fiscal year.
2. Additional VIP Permits will be charged back to departments at a rage of $50.00 per permit.


1. Individuals found to be in violation of the above rules and regulations are subject to a loss of parking privileges at UCCS.  If fraud or forgery is involved, the individual is subject to criminal charges as defined in the Colorado Revised Statutes.
2. Departments found to be in violation of the above rules and regulations are subject to a loss of all VIP parking permits until a time determined by the Executive Director of Parking & Transportation Services.

The Department administrator requesting the VIP permit(s) will need to enter the UCCS parking portal in order to complete the request.  At the bottom of the main page of the parking portal, click on "Request Z, VIP, VENDOR, LOADING Permit."  Next, click on the "UCCS Login" button and log in with their own personal UCCS username and password.  Once logged in, select "VIP Permit for Dept Volunteers" and follow the instructions on completing the VIP Request Form, getting it signed by the department head, and attaching the file before clicking on "Submit." 

Click HERE to enter the UCCS Parking Portal.