Regulations + Citations

Regulations + Citations

In accordance with C.R.S. 23-5-107, The Governing Board of any state institution of higher education is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations providing for the operation and parking of vehicles upon the grounds, driveways, or roadways within the property under the control of the governing board. Such rules and regulations may include, but not be limited to, regulation of the following: Assignment of parking spaces, designation of areas for parking, and regulation of the use of such spaces and areas including the assessment of charges.

Citations may be either paid or appealed within the online parking portal by clicking on the link below.
NOTE: Visitors will need to know both their citation number and license plate number in order to proceed in the online portal payment/appeal process. Call Parking Services at 719-255-3528 if you need this information.

Citations may also be paid at the UCCS Parking Services office or mailed to: Parking Services, 1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, Co 80918. 

Parking citations must be paid or appealed within 10 days of the date of the citation or an additional $10 late fee will be assessed to the citation.  Citations beyond 10 days old may not be appealed.

For those choosing to appeal their citation within the first 10 days:

    • LEVEL 1- The first step in the process is that your citation will enter into an administrative review status (called a level 1 appeal).  During a level 1 appeal, the citation will be reviewed by the UCCS Parking Manager to see if the ticket was written in error (the violation didn't occur) or the citation itself had a significant error (such as the wrong date or violation code).  There is no additional fee for a level 1 appeal.  If the citation is granted at this first step, the citation is voided and the process is over.  If the level 1 appeal is denied, you will be given the option of escalating to a level 2 appeal status.
    • LEVEL 2- The second step is a level 2 appeal (an additional $10 fee will be assessed to enter a level 2 appeal).  In a level 2 appeal, you will be given the choice of an in-person appeal or written appeal.  In either case, the citation will be forwarded to the Parking & Transportation Advisory Board (PTAB) to be considered. The PTAB is comprised of students, staff and faculty of UCCS who have NO connection to Parking Services.  All decisions made by PTAB are final and may not be further appealed. Choosing the "in-person" option is recommended as it provides an opportunity for further explanation and clarification between the appellant and the PTAB member(s) when needed. Appeal hearings are normally scheduled the third (3rd) Friday of each month, with the first appellant being heard at noon. If the level 2 appeal is granted by the PTAB, the citation will be voided, including the $10 appeal fee.  If the level 2 appeal is denied, you will be paying the price of the citation and the additional $10 appeal fee.

Please note that all decisions made by the PTAB are final and may not be further appealed. Current PTAB By-Laws

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